Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/10/15: Pelicans And Bucks

Hey guys! So yesterday was the big day. My two favorite teams battling each other in what turned out to be an amazing game! I got home from school around 3:00 PM. After printing out my pictures and doing my homework, my aunt picked me up for the game.

My goal for today was obviously Anthony Davis, with him being my favorite non-Buck, but he did not even come out of the tunnel while people were in the arena. Plenty of people signed. Not as much as usual, but it was still a good number. I got a 4x6 of Tyreke Evans signed, a 4x6 of Eric Gordon, and a floorboard signed by Jeff Withey. That is all I got during the game, but again. If I get one autograph, I am happy with my day.

I was really excited for the game. Honestly, I had no clue who to root for! I wound up rooting for the Bucks towards the end, even though they did not get the victory. At halftime, my cousin and I walked through the tunnel to the Palermo's Courtside club so she could get a hot dog. On our way back, we turned the corner just as Anthony Davis came walking out of the locker room! I gave him a fist bump and said, "Good luck Anthony! You/'re my favorite player and I hope you guys make the playoffs!" He replied by thanking me and saying that he appreciates the support.

After the game, my aunt, my two cousins and I went to graph by the parking lot for the first time. My dad paints custom helmets, which are honestly the most amazing work on a helmet that I have ever seen done, and he made one for me to try to get signed by Jason Kidd. I have been trying to get his autograph at the games for a long time now. He drove by and got stuck at a red light. I ran up to his car window and got his attention. he waved my over to the other side and recognized the helmet. He smiled and was happy to sign it. I also met Michael Carter-Williams for the first time!

 I was really excited about the day I had with graphing, even though it was not a day with quantity. I will hopefully be graphing the Orlando Magic tomorrow night. If not, I will be graphing my next game next Wednesday with the San Antonio Spurs. Thanks everybody for reading. Tell your friends about my page and keep following please! Thanks guys I appreciate it!

Zach Semanck

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hey everybody! My name is Zach, and this is my blog.

I got the idea for this blog a few days ago. My aunt and I are huge Bucks fans, and with our season tickets we like to get autographs at the games. I started getting autographs on a regular basis at the beginning of the 2014 MLB season. I enjoyed doing it a lot at Miller Park. Being able to meet your favorite players, you idols who you have looked up to for years. The autographs are my way of remembering how I met them. I want to share my life in this hobby with you guys.

I wish I could have started my blog earlier in the year. Towards the beginning of the NBA season. The adventures that have come within these last five months and the people that I have met while getting autographs make me a lucky kid.

Yesterday, the Bucks played the Wizards at the Bradley Center. As usual, my aunt picked me up and we headed downtown to get ready for a fun night. A Bucks legend, Bob Dandridge, was having his number retirement ceremony at halftime. I was hoping for a chance to meet him that night so when I downloaded pictures to print out for the game, I made sure to get one of him too.

Before the game, we waited in our usual spot hoping to get some autographs. I wound up getting a few guys to sign before the game. It started with Jared Dudley, He is one of my favorite players and it is always exciting for me when he signs. I also got Zaza Pachulia that night. From the Wizards side, I got a few guys and I am pretty happy with it! Drew Gooden signed for everybody in his return to Milwaukee. Also, I had a magazine of John Wall, the Wizards all-star point guard, and he signed it! So I got a total of four autographs before the game. It was not a ton, but I am always happy with even one autograph.

The game was exciting throughout the whole four quarters. It felt like a playoff atmosphere. The crows was energetic the entire time and both teams played like it was win or go home. After coming off of a four game road trip, where we could not successfully win a game, we exploded here at home. We beat Washington by a final score of 91-85.

After the game, my aunt and I took a seat for ten minutes before leaving. We always like to wait for the crows to disappear so it is easier to get out. Well as we were walking out, I noticed some commotion to my left. I looked in that direction and found Bobby Dandridge! I was super excited and asked if he could sign the picture. He was happy to do so. I said thank you and congratulated him on his number being retired before he got on his bus.

Tomorrow, my second favorite team, the New Orleans Pelicans, come to town, My mom's side of my family is from New Orleans so I like all teams from down there. I am really excited for it. More than any other game. I will post again either tomorrow after the game or Tuesday after school. Thanks for reading guys!

Zach Semancik